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Craft Designs for You

Pre-Made *Designer* Crochet Hooks

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Anyone who loves to crochet will appreciate these Designer Crochet Hooks. The artistic jewel-like "Designer Gemstone" hand-carved from beautiful swirly acrylic, some with *Bejewelled* Swarovski Crystal Toppers, are polished to a glass-like finish. Our signature wide handles make all of these hooks incredibly comfortable to use. Each is approximately 1/2 inches wide, 6 to 7 inches long and weighs less than 1 ounce!

Amethyst Lace Crochet Hook

"Amethyst Lace"
Size C (2.75 mm)

Lovely Amethyst and White Quartz Swirls
6" total length

Black Pearl Crochet Hook

"Black Pearl"
Size I+ (5.75 mm)

Unique Onyx Pearlized Swirls
6" total length

Agate Crochet Hook

Size I (5.5 mm)

Lovely Quartz, Lime and Amethyst Swirls
6" total length


Gold Nugget Crochet Hook

"Gold Nugget"
Size H+ (5.25 mm)

Rich Swirls of Gold and Onyx
6" total length


Song Bird Crochet Hook

"Bejewelled Song Bird"
Size H (5.0 mm)

Darling Pewter Bird atop a Lilac Swarovski Crystal
Flower on this Pearl Swirls Crochet Hook
6-3/4" total length


Velvet Crochet Hook

Size F (3.75 mm)

Velvety swirls of Copper, Amethyst & Onyx
6" total length


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