FREE Prayer of Comfort and Strength for Plastic Canvas * in Memory of 9-11 *
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Please print out the top, middle and bottom sampler graphs and instructions in landscape or wide mode. The line of words is repeated on each of the graphs so that you can line them up. The libery torch is made from a separate piece of canvas - you can print out the 2 graphs on regular, portrait mode. Line up the base of the torch on the top and bottom graphs to create one continuous graph. The sampler shows the outlines of where to place the torch. If you right click on each graph, you can save them to your computer.
PC Prayer top graph

PC Prayer middle graph

PC Prayer bottom graph

PC Prayer instructions

PC Liberty top graph

PC Liberty bottom graph

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Design and pattern Copyrighted 1999-2020 by Cherie Marie Leck and Craft Designs for You

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